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Return To de Bohun School

de Bohun School was my Primary and Junior school.

It looks like it could do with a lick of paint. But it’s still very much as I remember it!

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The Orange Tickets Fight On

It’s the first time, that I’ve noticed it, but this orange rail ticket, I bought at Kings Cross on Saturday has one of those square bar codes.

The Orange Tickets Fight On

The Orange Tickets Fight On

As you can see it wasn’t used by any ticket inspector to get to Rutland, as one used a Mark 1 pen and the other some stamp.

It just shows how the original ticket was such a good design from 1986.

I suspect that the basic design of the ticket will outlive me, by a good few years.

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Next Year It’ll Be Fifty Years Since I Left Minchenden

It was in June or July 1965, that I walked out of Minchenden Grammar School in Southgate for the last time.

A lot has happened to me since, some of which is in this blog. Although some tales have been left out to protect the squeamish and the innocent.

I wonder if anybody is organising a fifty years reunion for the Class of 1965 from Minchenden?

Surely, in the true spirit that we learned at the school, we should make 2015 a year to remember!

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Am I Bothered About The EU Ban On High Powered Vacuum Cleaners?

Of course not! Except that it has produced some entertaining articles, like this one in the Guardian.

I have a company clean my house.  I get two girls for two hours for well under a hundred. And they bring all their own equipment and cleaning materials.

Idon’t have a dog any more, but one of our bassets, loved being vacuumed and would stand by you waiting patiently for her cleaning.

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An Unusual Letter In The Times

On Friday this letter appeared in The Times under the title of Maiden Over.

It is well known that the Almighty is a spin bowler …

Sir, Patrick Kidd concludes that if successive days of rain in the cricket match between the Lord’s XI and a Vatican XI (Aug 27) stop play “it’s probably proof that God is more of a rugby man”. I think he needs to get out more, for we all know that She is an avid follower of lacrosse.

It was signed by the Diosesan Secretary of the Diocese of Ely!

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How Much Water Vapour Is In A Cubic Metre Of Air at A Given Temperature And Relative Humidity?

I needed to know this as if I knew the temperature and relative humidity in my bedroom, when I went to bed and got up, I could work out how much water vapour had transferred to or from the air during my sleep.

One of my friends at school is an expert on these sort of calculations for industrial clients.

He came round on Friday night and we discussed it through, but I don’t think I got more than a basic grasp.

The reason is that he works from charts, whereas all my working life, I’ve started with proven formulae and worked everything out from first principles. But then I trained as a Control Engineer.

A problem I had with the psychometric charts he uses, is that they are all in a measurement system, that is totally foreign to me – Imperial. This is because most of the publishers are across the pond and they still use units, I last used in my early teens. When I went to work at ICI in the late sixties, the company had metricated in 1955 or so.

At least after our meeting and discussion, I now know what I’m searching for.

I finally found this web page, which gives a table of saturated vapour density for water in air. Although, it’s an American web site, at least it gives this in gm/cu. m.

The web page gives the SVP in gm/cu. m. at various temperatures

  • 0°C – 4.85
  • 10°C – 9.4
  • 15°C – 12.83
  • 20°C – 17.3
  • 25°C – 23
  • 30°C – 30.4
  • 37°C – 44
  • 40°C – 51.1

As an illustration, suppose you have a temperature of 25°C and a relative humidity of 50%. I measure it on my Maplin meter.

Maplin Hygro-Thermometer

Maplin Hygro-Thermometer

At that temperature a cubic metre of water can hold 23 grams of water. But as the relative humidity is 50%, it is actually only holding 11.5 grams of water. As my bedroom is about five metres square and two and a half metres high, that means the room contains over 719 grams of water.

Now look at 30°C and the same relative humidity of 50%.

The same calculation gives 950 grams of water in the room.

So if with the central heating, the electric blanket and the fact that each person probably is equivalent to a one bar electric fire, your bedroom, about the same size as mine, goes from say 25°C to 30°C, the air will need another 230 grams of water to be in equilibrium, or in layman’s terms, happy with how it relates to everything.

So from where does the air get this water it needs?


No wonder a lot of people go to bed with a night bucket, so they can replenish the fluid they’ve lost to the air.

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Scatty Middle-Aged Mum ‘Reborn As Jihacker’s Wife’

This is the headline to a large piece in the Sunday’s Times, describing how a white female convert to Islam is tweeting offensively from land controlled by the Islamic State.

Surely, many of those who have gone to support the cruel and extremely violent regime in the Middle East would be how those that are best described as several bricks short of a full load.

Are we building enough secure mental hospitals?

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A Surprisingly E-Mail From A Lady

I just had an e-mail from a well-brought up lady, which mentioned the word, Arseblog.

It’s not about what it could be, but the name of a blog, that provides text commentary for the well-known London team, that she supports.

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Peterborough Station’s Litter Bins

I came across these bins, when I changed trains at Peterborough.

What a wonderful example of simple, good design.

If this doesn’t nudge people to put their rubbish in the right bag then nothing will.

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Match Five – Derby 1 – Ipswich 1

Derby is one of the easier grounds to get to from the excellent rail station, in that it’s just about a walk of about ten minutes.

Today though, I went via Oakham to have lunch with a friend, so I had to change trains twice at Peterborough and Leicester. Both changes were the ones that should be avoided, where you have to climb up one set of steps and then down to another platform. There were lifts, but in some places on the rail network, we’re seeing reorganising, that mean the up and downs are minimised. We need more innovative thinking.

Oakham is a small simple station, with a pub and brewery attached, so it’s a good place to meet for business or pleasure.

Oakham Station

Oakham Station

The picture shows the station from the footbridge. In the distance you can just see the infamous level crossing, that is a pain to people living in the town. The signal box there was used as a model for the Airfix kit.

After an excellent lunch at the Finches near Oakham, I arrived a few minutes late at Derby and thought I’d buy my return ticket before the match.

£141 - You Must Be Joking!

£141 – You Must Be Joking!

This was the only ticket offered by East Midlands Trains. A First Anytime Single at £141.

For Ipswich fans, the match was overshadowed by the news that David McGoldrick is leaving for Leicester. If he had played, the result might have been different as a couple of chances missed in the second half, were possibly the sort, he wouldn’t have missed.

But if Mick McCarthy has got the reported eight million for McGoldrick, then turning round the player’s career and getting half a season out of him for Town, has been good business for all concerned. Let’s hope Mick can resurrect Conor Sammon‘s career in the same way.

The match was enlivened by the debut of Ted Bishop, who after a quiet first half, started to create trouble for Derby in the second half. In dealing with him in one instance, Derby gave away the free kick that led to Ipswich’s equaliser. One shot from distance and another he had when he came on as a substitute at Crawley, show that he might have some serious talent in the future as a scorer from midfield,  in the manner of Matt Holland. In some ways, the shot today, was reminiscent of some from Ipswich’s legend Ted Phillips, who I saw score several goals in the early 1960s.

When Bishop tired, he was replaced by Alex Henshall, who showed he could torment the Derby defence.

So two youngsters with a combined age of 38, showed the Ipswich fans, that this season might not be in the dire mould of some of recent memory.

I eventually got home with a ticket that cost £42.90, which was just forty pence more than their on-line price and £2.70 more than the sum of my two tickets to get to Derby. But why don’t East Midlands Trains make their ticket machines easier to use. The trouble was that I tried to buy a ticket via EMTrains, rather than Any Permitted Route on the machine. But as East Midland Trains was the operator I needed for London, surely my choice was logical.

Incidentally, on the train to London, I sat with a Derby fan, who said that for Tuesday night matches he reluctantly had to drive, as there is no late London-bound train after the match.

I don’t find East Midlands Trains good value and avoid them, if I possibly can.


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