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On To Barry Island

I went straight through Cardiff Queen Street and Central stations and on to Barry Island.

I then turned round fairly quickly, as I had to catch the 16:55 back to London.

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The Helpful Welsh

I sometimes find translations rather amusing.

An Obvious Translation

An Obvious Translation

In this case surely the English translation isn’t needed.

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How Much Work Needs To Be Done On Footbridges?

I ask this question, as when we were waiting at Taff’s Well, a train went under the footbridge.

The Footbridge At Taff's Well

The Footbridge At Taff’s Well

If the line is to be electrified, then the bridge might need to be raised, as it looks that the clearance might be a bit small for the overhead wires.

And I suspect, some stations will need some form of step free means to cross the line.

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Let Down By A Class 150

On my way down from Merthyr, the Class 150 broke down and we had to get out at Taff’s Well to get another train.

A Broken Down Class 150 At Taff's Well

A Broken Down Class 150 At Taff’s Well

One of the conductors had put the mockers on it earlier, by saying he really that type of train.

But it didn’t really matter as the dead train was quickly moved on and after deliberately passing on the next train as it went to Bridgend, I caught the next one to Barry Island, where I had wanted to go anyway.

In some ways this illustrates one of the strengths of a rail line which has branches, which fan out at both ends and where trains funnel  through a busy centre section. London’s Thameslink and East London Lines, Liverpool’s Northern Line all have this layout.

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Up The Valley To Merthyr Tydfil

From Pontypridd I took a train up to Merthyr Tydfil. As the only thing of note at the station was a Tesco Extra, I decided to take the next train back to Cardiff, as I still wanted to get to Barry Island.

The pictures show that just like the Rhondda branch to Treherbert, the line is a succession of clean stations, trees, mountains and water.

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Pontypridd And The Station

I came back down to Pontypridd to take the line back up to Merthyr Tydfil.

I had a pleasant lunch there in the very busy Cafe Royal. I’ve never had a chicken curry, which contained very recognisable strips cut from a couple of large slices of chicken.

The station is at present having a ten million pound upgrade, which includes a new bay platform, so that extra trains can run to and from Cardiff.

Lifts and a new footbridge are also promised. There are full details here.

If Network Rail, their architects and buildings do their usual standard of work, then this could be a station of which the town can be very proud. Unlike many stations, it appeared to be right in the heart of the town.

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Treherbert was my first destination and is probably best described as a small town that has seen better days.

One of my reasons for choosing Treherbert was to take stock of the town before they electrify the line to Cardiff.

It is certainly a town, that needs something to stimulate business and employment.

I certainly hope that I am able to return to the town in a few years time in a smarter electric train.

The tea room has only recently opened and I hope it succeeeds, After all, if say you came up to Treherbert like I did out of curiosity or perhaps to have a walk on the hills, you might like to get some refreshment before returning down the valley.

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From Cardiff To Treherbert

After the match, I could have come home directly in the morning, but I wanted explore the Valley Lines.

I started by going to Cardiff Central station, where I got a train to Cardiff Queen Street followed by one from there to Treherbert, as for no better reason, than it was the first that turned up.

The pictures tell the story of the very scxenic journey up to Treherbert and down to Pontypridd.

As befits the UK’s stereotypical view of a wet Wales, the stations seem to be well sheltered and generally in good repair.

The Class 142 on which I travelled, was one of the better Pacers that I’ve ridden in and was reasonably clean and tidy.



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Cardiff’s Bus Information

My hotel needed a bus to get to the City Centre, and as I like to use buses if I can, I took a few pictures of the information.


If it wasn’t for a stop outside of the hotel, which showed all buses went to the City Centre, I doubt, I’d have actually managed the buses though. As an example, if you turn up at Cardiff station, there is a long list of buses, which is useless in finding the stop for a particular number bus.

As in many places in the UK, Cardiff buses are impossible to use for visitors.

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Around Cardiff City Centre

I took these pictures as I walked around Cardiff City Centre.

I didn’t see too many clocks and statues weren’t that numerous, but I did like the fact that a large area is pedestrianised.

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