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Is Whitechapel Station Going To Be A Jewel In The East?

When I wrote about Crossrail as a tourist attraction, I said nothing about the station at Whitechapel.

I probably didn’t as although I use the station regularly, you don’t see much as you pass through except for hoardings with lots of graphics, pictures and information. When I went through last time, I took these pictures.

It shows the construction going on over the two north-south Overground platforms. Crossrail will run east-west about forty metres down. Note how the Underground is on top of the Overground.

I was told by a man in an orange suit, that there will be a bridge over the Overground platforms connecting it all together. Escalators to Crossrail will be going down from between the two Underground platforms, where the blue crane is now situated. The space between the Underground platforms will then be filled in to create a wide island platform with the two lines on either side. It will be an easy step-free interchange from Crossrail to the Underground.

There are some detailed architect’s impressions of the new station here. The page also says this.

The new Whitechapel Crossrail station will use the existing Whitechapel Road entrance to the Whitechapel London Underground and London Overground station.

The Crossrail platforms will be in deep tunnels to the north of the existing station but they will all share a concourse, ticket hall, gateline and station operations room, leading to a fully integrated station that provides an easy step-free interchange between the Crossrail, Hammersmith and City, District and Overground lines.

Transport for London’s, Transport Infrastructure Plan for 2050, states that at some point twenty-four trains per hour will run through this section of the Overground in both directions.

This matches the Crossrail and Thameslink frequencies, so once all these lines are complete, London will have gained a high-frequency H-shaped railway, where journeys like Luton, Brighton or Peterborough to Crystal Palace or Walthamstow might be accomplished using two easy step-free changes. In fact, the biggest problem after 2019 about travel in London, will be choosing which of two or three equally fast and convenient routes is best for you.

Travel is going to be fun!

I suspect Whitechapel might be my entry into Crossrail and Thameslink. I’ll just walk to Dalston Junction, take a four stop journey to Whitechapel and then fan out to the myriad destinations, that can be reached directly from there.


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Does The NHS Need Physician Associates?

There have been reports about using these in the NHS over the last few days. One article in the Independent is entitled, NHS patients to be seen by doctors on the cheap. It starts with.

Patients will increasingly be seen by “physician associates” rather than doctors under Government plans despite fears they are “doctors on the cheap”, according to a report.

I have seen a lot of doctors and hospitals over the last ten years, what with the death of my wife and son to cancer and my stroke. What is different now, to what I remember of the NHS in the 1960s and 1970s, is that nurses now play a larger role.

Does anybody bother?

Some might, but I’ve never heard anybody complain, that the nurse did a job, that a doctor might have not delegated forty years ago.

So when it comes to physician associates, I have an open mind.

Or I did until I read the letters page of The Times today, where four serious letters from eminent medical professionals were very much supportive of physician associates.

Now I’ve changed my open mind to one that is totally in favour!

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These Beheaders Aren’t Jihadists, They’re The Cast Of A Clockwork Orange

This is the title of an article by Dominic Lawson in the Sunday Times today.

This is a typical thought.

the Financial Times writer Gautam Malkani last week observed of the diatribe of Foley’s killer: “As recruitment material, video footage of beheadings seem tailor-made to lure the most unhinged of maniacs to the fray. And yet by labelling them ‘terrorists’ or ‘militants’ instead of ‘lunatics’ or ‘nutters’ we unduly dignify them. We also play to the vanity of many young militant Islamists.

Sometimes, I think we’re watching a Muslim version of A Life of Brain. Except it’s not as funny. Perhaps someone should make a version, as there is no more powerful weapon against fanatics, psychopaths and dictators, than humour. I wonder how, this famous line from Monty Python’s classic would translate.

He’s not the Messiah. He’s a very naughty boy! Now, piss off!

The trouble is, no-one would dare make the film!

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Labour’s Instinct Is To Control Our Lives

In an article discussing the identity of the psychotic moron, who beheaded the unfortunate James Foley, there is this insert.

Yvette Cooper, Labour’s shadow home secretary, said those returning from fighting in the Middle East should be forced to take part in compulsory de-radicalisation programmes, even if they cannot be charged with a criminal offence.

It may be a popular policy, but where does it end?  Will those who leave Oxford, who have joined the Bullingdon Club, be re-educated. And what about Malky Mackay and Iain Moody?

Let’s face it, one of the reasons we’re in this dangerous mess is because of Tony Blair’s continuous licking of Dubya’s arse.

I cdertainly wouldn’t trust the Labour Party, with anything. I doubt they could organise a piss-up in a brewery!


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Al Gore Invests In OVO Energy

This article in the Telegraph talks about OVO Energy and how Al Gore’s interests have taken a stake in the company in particular. Here’s the first bit.

OVO Energy has raised £8m in growth capital from former US vice president Al Gore as it prepares to ramp up its battle against the incumbent energy giants.

It’s all a very interesting article.

I’ve been with them for since December 2013 and I can’t say that I’m in the least bit unhappy. There have only been minor web site problems and if I want to change suppliers again, I now have a single sheet of A4 paper with all my details on it.

The only problem with the change was nPower, who took nearly nine months to pay me, what was still in my account. I would never use them again!

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A Good Score Draw For The Overground’s Ticket Machines

I wrote here about how I bought my ticket to Reading using the machine at Dalston Junction, rather than on the Internet.

Yesterday at about 17:00, I bought my ticket for Ipswich, that I used today.

And I paid the same price, as I would have done on the Internet.

But I didn’t have to go through the rigmarole of entering an 8-character code to get my tickets.

So I think the machine got a good score draw today.

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Match Four – Ipswich 0 – Norwich 1

This match was a tale of two goalkeepers. Our one made a mistake that led to the goal and Norwich’s keeper was sound throughout.

It could be worse though – We might all be Fulham supporters.

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Nothing Changes On Smoking

I found this article on the BBC web site, about black market cigarettes. Here’s the first two paragraphs.

Attempts to cut the amount people smoke are being hit by a black market trade in millions of illegal cigarettes, council bosses have warned.

The Local Government Association (LGA) said such products posed a fire risk, hurt legitimate businesses and cost the UK about £3bn a year in unpaid duty.

I am a passionate anti-smoker  as I believe that smoking was a major cause in the death of my youngest son.

As to black market cigarettes, I once had a meeting about fifteen years ago, with a task group in a UK Police Force, that was wondering if some of my software could help them find a pattern in illegal drug and black market cigarette sales. I was told by the officer in charge of the investigation, that cigarettes were then more profitable for smugglers, as there was no real penalty for being caught. But what worried me, was that I was told, the dealers targeted children in run-down areas, so that they would have the customers in the future.

Smoking, despite the fact, that I’ve never been stupid enough to indulge, has caused me a lot of pain.


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Crossrail As A Tourist Attraction

Today, I took the Docklands Light Railway to Custom House station to see progress and then came back to see the works at Canary Wharf station.

In one of the pictures of Custom House station, you can just see the portals for the Conaught Tunnel. This was a particularly challenging rebuild of an old Victorian tunnel, which was one of the subjects covered in the BBC documentary; Fifteen Billion Pound Railway.

One thing I was trying to see, was one of the trees they are planting in the gardens on top of the station, that are mentioned in this article in the Wharf.

There seemed to be others looking around and now that you can walk from Poplar DLR station over the bridge at Bank Street, there are better opportunities for looking at the sites.

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Adam’s Place

Appropriately, this is one of the first places created and opened by Crossrail.

I didn’t realise it was open until today.

But it will be a superb place to meet, if you’ve come to Canary Wharf on Crossrail.

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