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Before Crossrail – The Wharncliffe Viaduct

Crossrail is a new railway from Reading in the West to Shenfield in the East.

But not everything is going to be brand new!

For example, the Grade 1 listed, Wharncliffe Viaduct, will be used to take the line over the River Brent, just as it has taken the Great Western Main Line since 1837.

Modifications are probably quite small as the current four lines are already electrified. Two of these will be used by Crossrail.

The viaduct ticks all the boxes on everybody’s lists.

  • It was designed by IK Brunel
  • It is Grade 1 Listed and is part of the submission to get the Great Western Railway declared a World Heritage Site.
  • Pevsner said “Few viaducts have such architectural panache” about this viaduct.
  • It is inhabited by a colony of bats.
  • The electrification of the bridge was carried out in a sympathetic manner.

But above all, it would appear it is up to the job for which it is to be used.

You have to admit, that the Victorians knew how to build with brick!

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Over The River For A Tea And An Ice Cream

I walked over the footbridge on Fulham Railway Bridge, where I got a of tea and an icre cream in the Carluccio’s on the south bank.

It’s rather a large cafe and it sits right on the river. Their web site describes it like this.

Located on the riverfront, east of Putney Bridge and a minute from the High Street, the caffé boasts a huge riverfront terrace for sunny days.

I wouldn’t disagree and it would be a good pit stop on a walk by the river in the area. Perhaps, you might start at Putney Bridge station and walk across the railway bridge.

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Is This The Last Pill Box In London?

When I went to Wimbledon to trace the Goblin Extension, I noticed that perched on Fulham Railway Bridge was a Second World War pill box.

So I just had to go back and investigate, by taking a trip to Putney Bridge station.

I think this type of defensive structure is pretty rare in London these days.

Note though how Putney Bridge station is on the Fulham side of the river, by a bridge with that name.

Was this all done to confuse invaders, so they didn’t know whether they were coming or going, so they could be picked off easily from the pill box.

Probably not, as the naming was I suspect a cunning plan to confuse those South of the river, if they should venture into the North.



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Walking Along The Clyde

Is there any other river that is commonly used as a person’s name? I’ve never heard of anybody called Mississippi, Amazon, Nile or Rhine. Not even a child of a celebrity!

I walked along the river to Glasgow Green from Central station.

As with many cities, it has a varied collection of bridges.

It was also extraordinarily sunny. A couple of people were sunbathing by the river. Later in the day, I saw a young lady walking around the city centre wearing a mini skirt, high-heeled sandals and a small bikini top. The weather was just that good!

Note the pictures of the derelict Ladies Waiting Room. There’a a lot more about it here in a blog called Lost Womyn’s Space.

I was also impressed by the City Union Bridge and St. Enoch Viaduct, which could in future be part of Glasgow Crossrail.

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Station Names On Bridges

Network Rail seems to be getting the blue paint out and slapping it on bridges.

As the pictures show, they’re also indicating the station name. Obviously Caldeonian Road and Barnsbury will need a much longer bridge, but The Cally will do.

I’ll add more as I see them.

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Searching For The Dudding Hill Line – Victoria Road, Acton

After photographing the bridges over the canal, I retraced my step[s back to Old Oak Lane and followed it towards North Acton station.

The Dudding Hill Line crosses the road on a bridge.

In fact one feature of the line is several nice bridges.

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Hackney Goes Back To The Future

I’ve posted about rebuilding the footbridge connection between  Hackney Downs and Hackney Central stations before.

TfL have decided to replace it after seventy years and Hackney Council has approved the proposal as reported here. It seems to be positively received.

Hackney Central ward cllr Vincent Stops welcomed the news. He said: “It is quite exciting that this proposal remakes an historic connection between Hackney Central and Hackney Downs stations that was lost in 1944. It will greatly benefit Hackney residents and those visiting Hackney Central town centre. Now permission has been obtained I am determined that Marcon and Aspland Estate benefits both in terms of the re-provision of play facilities and that the green wall and tree cover really improves the outlook of residents and reduces train noise, a long standing issue for the estate.”

I wonder how long it is before TfL decides that the two stations are one and renames them to either Hackney or Hackney Junction.

I suspect that the renaming will get more objections than the five who objected to the footbridge. One was objecting that it might mean to a loss of car parking spaces.

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The Zubizuri Bridge

The Zubizuri bridge links the two banks of the River Nervión.

It seems that these white bridges are becoming fairly numerous.

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Along The Nervión River

The Nervión river runs through Bilbao and it was a good place to walk in the sun.

It may have been the time of year, but there were very few cafes along the river.

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Over The Digswell Viaduct

As the train went over the Digswell Viaduct just north of Welwyn Garden City, I took a couple of pictures of the view. I usually do.

Over The Digswell Viaduct

Over The Digswell Viaduct

But none in my opinion, are anywhere near as good, as this one, with the shadow of the viaduct on the valley floor below.

I would love to claim, I planned it all and actually booked a train north on a fine day, at the right time to get the shadow.

But it was all of course, down to luck.

I do bet though, that it’s not the first time, this picture has been taken. Perhaps with an  iconic Stirling Single or a Gresley A4 Pacific blowing plumes of steam into the sky.

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