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An Aladdin’s Cave For Coeliacs

Marks and Spencer may have its problems, but the display for its gluten-free bread and cakes in Islington, is bigger than the whole gluten-free area in the Waitrose next door.

An Aladdin's Cave For Coeliacs

An Aladdin’s Cave For Coeliacs

I just bought a loaf and some cheese biscuits.

I have a feeling that despite the Islington M & S not being one of their bigger stores, I might find that in a few months time, I’ll go there first and then buy the things they don’t have in Waitrose.

I can only rarely buy clothes there, but I do use it as the delivery point from the web site. I don’t know about others, but I’ve had no problems with shopping on their web site.

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They Run Out Of Letters

The Scree n on the Green, rarely misses a tick in its film information.

They Run Out Of Letters

They Run Out Of Letters

This is one of their best.

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Is Islington Council Run By Labour Or Sainsburys?

As I walked past Islington Town Hall today, there was a guy outside holding up a placard, bearing the title of this post.

Is Islington Council Run By Labour Or Sainsburys?

Is Islington Council Run By Labour Or Sainsburys?

As I’m not an Islington resident and don’t know too much about the intracacies of the local politics, I was a bit baffled.  Especially, as it seemed to be a one man protest.

I did find this story on the Islington Tribune site, so it could be about converting the cop shop in Highbury into a Sainsburys

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Romeo’s Gluten Free Bakery Opens

Romeo’s Gluten Free Bakery actually opened yesterday, but I only found out late last night from a waitress in Carluccio’s.

It was well worth a visit and I had a cup of tea, a chicken pie and a loaf of bread to take home for fourteen pounds.

The chicken pie was superb and was one of the best lunchtime snacks, I’ve ever had. The pastry was just how it should be and I’ve never had gluten-free pastry like it before.

If you want to go, the easiest way is to walk down Upper Street in Islington from either the Angel or Highbury and Islington stations. It’s virtually opposite Islington Town Hall.

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Are Things Happening At Romeo’s?

I passed Romeo’s Gluten Free bakery on a 30 bus and took this picture.

Are Things Happening At Romeo's?

Are Things Happening At Romeo’s?

The web site says that they’re opening in November 2013.

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Lunch At The Assiette Anglaise

I got caught in the rain this lunchtime, so retreated to a restaurant, that I’d been meaning to try for some time; the Assiette Anglaise in the Liverpool Road.

Lunch At The Assiette Anglaise

Lunch At The Assiette Anglaise

The picture doesn’t do the confit of duck justice.

It is a restaurant certainly worth a repeat visit.  And they knew their gluten-free too!

The meal was reasonably priced too!

The restaurant  is also ideally placed for the Emirates Stadium and as it opens from nine in the morning on Saturdays, it is an ideal venue for a pre-match meal.  And this can be gluten free if needed.

Every venue needs a nearby restaurant like this!

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C Would Have Laughed At This

When we were in Liverpool in the 1960s, Widnes was the butt of lots of jokes as it had rather a nasty smell.

C Would Have Laughed At This

C Would Have Laughed At This

So to see a block of flats in Islington given the same name made me titter.  C would have laughed like a drain.

But compared to some street names it isn’t the most romantic place to live.

The next door block was called Tranmere.

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John Lewis Pops Up In Islington

This shop has opened at the Angel for a few days.

The only thing you could say about it, it that it’s not very John Lewis!

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An Ideal Job For A Coeliac!

Something seems to be stirring at Romeo’s Gluten Free Bakery On Upper Street in Islington.

A notice has appeared saying that they are hiring.

An Ideal Job For A Coeliac!

An Ideal Job For A Coeliac!

They also gave a web site address, which appears to be as they say still being cooked.

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Londoners Still Love The Hackney Eight

I was coming home from the Angel last night, when one of the Hackney Eight showed its distinctive shape coming from the direction of Saddlers Wells.

As it approached the stop, prospective passengers walked past the 56 that many of them, like me, could have taken and waited for a few seconds for the New Bus for London to arrive.

Why don’t Transport for London do the right thing and convert route 38 to the new buses?

But then us plebs in Hackney don’t count for much, as BT have shown by their non-delivery of fibre-optic broadband.

If the 38 went to Archway in Islington, it would have been converted by now!


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