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Dull-As-Ditchwater Television

The BBC has just started broadcasting proceedings in the Court of Appeal.

Judging by the excepts I’ve seen, I shall not be watching. It must surely rank for exciting content with BBC Parliament.

Why is the BBC wasting our licence fees on this dross?

The test card and Cambidge University’s first webcam, were much more interesting.

I did here a rumour that the Security Services wanted this coverage, as it is ideal to show to reluctant suspects.  After a few hours of programmes such as this, they usually decide to tell everything.

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Rape Justice – Dubai Style

This story is horrific.

Why anybody would want to go to such an awful place, I do not know. I went once with C and we we found it a hot concrete jungle with no soul.

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A Case That Stinks From Florida

This case reported in the Miami Herald is rather bizarre.  And as one of the lawyers involved says, it stinks. Here’s the first three paragraphs.

Ten years ago, killer Robert Burkell bludgeoned to death his 81-year-old tenant Charles Bertheas, cracking open his skull like an eggshell, according to police. The motive: money.

Today, Burkell is in prison for life. But his wife Susan, a Lauderhill resident who authorities say did not participate in the slaying but knew what was happening, is set to inherit more than $214,000 of the victim’s money.

Bertheas’ eight elderly brothers and sisters, who live in France, won’t see a dime: Charles Bertheas designated the Burkells as co-beneficiaries on his accounts at the Bank of America.

Let’s hope that it sees a sensible change in the law and that a similar set of circumstances doesn’t happen here.

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Justice Gets Attacked In Marion, Indiana

This is a rather funny story, about  a drone that went AWOL.

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A Judge Holds Himself In Contempt

I like this story from the Wall Street Journal.

it’s about a judge, who held himself in contempt of court, when his mobile phone rang.

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A Quick Look At Nuremberg

When I got to Nuremberg, it started to rain and I quickly found that the city was booked solid because of a massive exhibition.

I had particularly wanted to go to Nuremberg, as one of my customers years ago, had been an observer at the War Crimes Trials in the city. He was an Austrian Jew, who escaped before the war and had then spent the war years in the Royal Engineers.  He had some amazing tales.

But because of the lack of a decent hotel, I decided to move on to Munich. Next time, I’ll book the Victoria Hotel, which is right by the station.

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Should Huhne And Pryce Go To Jail?

This stupid case, which quite frankly is all about seeing, who can be the nastiest to the other, has cost the taxpayer enough.

Obviously, the case is serious, but equally so, they are unlikely to cause any harm to anybody else, if they didn’t go to jail.

So they are a classic case for an alternative punishment.

Perhaps they should be sentenced to a certain amount of time, in something like a bail hostel, where they had to do the cooking and cleaning.  Where of course, they had to stay in each night. Perhaps they should also be made to share a room to save money.

It could even be broadcast live on Channel 5.

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Jury Trials In South Africa

I was just listening to reports of the Oscar Pistorius case on the radio and was surprised to hear that there are no jury trials in South Africa. This explains, why much of the evidence against the athlete has been fully discussed in the media, as the case will be decided by a magistrate.

There’s more about juries in South Africa here. Juries were abolished in 1969, in the apartheid era.

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Sending People To Coventry

This very English phrase has been used in a comment on my post about Lance Armstrong, by one of my Australian followers.

I would have thought the Australians would have used an appropriate Australian town.

We also have a few other geographical phrases like.

Carrying coals to Newcastle

So what do other countries use?

Wikipedia has an interesting explanation of the phrase Sending to Coventry. They cite the origin as.

It is believed that the city of Coventry in the United Kingdom had one of the strictest monasteries, where monks that misbehaved were sent and given the punishment of a vow of silence. therefore being “sent to Coventry” means not being spoken to or communicated with.

So it is a lot older than industrial relations.

Perhaps, we should bring it back as a legal punishment.

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Lance Armstrong Questions His Punishment

Lance Armstrong has questioned his punishment for proven doping offences on the Oprah Winfrey show.

He actually wants to compete again.

Do they have cycling or triathlon events in prisons?

I suspect that this odious cheat, won’t give up and he’ll go to Court to get what he wants.  Let’s hope the judge who tries his case is an honest man or woman.

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