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This Is Becoming A Habit

I had another letter in The Times yesterday under the heading of Bus Information

The rest of the country is lagging far behind London for maps and timetables — could rivalry be to blame?

Sir, Roger Sexton (letter, Apr 4) says that there are no controls on commercial bus fares outside London.

As a senior citizen living in a Tube-free London borough, I use buses a great deal and I travel a lot around the UK. Outside the capital, I find that buses run in an information-free zone, with no maps and unworkable text systems to check arrivals. As London’s excellent system is software based, surely, it could be applied countrywide. Or perhaps cities like Birmingham, Manchester and Edinburgh are saying that they don’t want any system that has been proven in London.

I doubt that information will improve, although a friend told how there was an item on bus regulation in Newcastle on Radio 4 yesterday.

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An Unusual Advert In The Times

There is an advert for the Cult Cafe in Ipswich in The Times today.

What is unusual about the advert is that it appears to have been paid for by Barclays.

So has your bank paid for you to have an advert in a national newspaper.

I have written to the cafe to see if they are making any difference to the gluten-free desert that is Ipswich.

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Sometimes It Pays To Have A Clearout

The Times was moving its picture archive and found some previously unseen pictures of Roger Bannister running the first four-minute mile on the 6th May, 1954.

One picture shows Christopher Brasher, Roger Bannister and Christopher Chataway in line during the race. It could become an iconic picture!

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The Times Makes A Mistake

On page 17 of today’s copy of The Times  is a story entitled, Toy toxins harm children. On the next page there is a story headlined, Toxins in toys causing childhood brain illnesses. They even start with the same first paragraph.

Children’s brains are being damaged by industrial chemicals that pervade everyday life, experts have warned.

Did two reporters cut and paste the same story?

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WH Smith Go Backwards

I’m a subscriber to The Times and get vouchers to pay for my paper.

Where I live there are two shops that take them and I usually use them, when I’m staying in for the morning. Or I might use the supermarket, when I do an early morning shop.

But when I travel by train, I usually pick my paper up at the station to read on the journey.

Until earlier this week, I just went into the WH Smith picked up the paper and put the voucher in the box.

They’ve now removed the boxes and expect you to use the self service machines. It’s a pain, so now they won’t get my custom.

Usually, when I go to the station, I don’t pass a paper shop that takes vouchers.  So today, I’ll have to walk the other way to the shop that does, before I go to St. Pancras.

I can’t help feeling that lots of people will forgo their morning newspaper or buy it elsewhere.

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The Paper First With The News

I have an Internet trawl looking for stories about the Overground and particularly its expansion by taking over the Lea Valley lines. It found this story from the Docklands and East London Advertiser this morning. Here’s the first two paragraphs.

Part of the Liverpool Street suburban rail network in east London is being incorporated into the London Overground.

The Chingford and Enfield lines through Bethnal Green and Hackney will appear on the Underground map for the first time from 2015, it has been revealed in Transport for London’s latest business plan.

So it would seem that something at last is moving on London’s newest train line. How long it will be before yesterday’s nightmare trip is easier, I do not know.

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How Much Useless Advertising Do We Receive?

My Sunday Times is always full of junk. This picture shows this weeks offering.

How Much Useless Advertising Do We Receive?

How Much Useless Advertising Do We Receive?

How much of this is actually read? And how much ends up in landfill?

In my case, it was even more pointless, as I’ve just installed Sky.


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Irish Correctness!

I saw this newspaper on a bus this morning, as I came home from shopping and having lunch at Canary Wharf.

Irish Correctness!

Irish Correctness!

If you can’t read it, by the side of the headline of Keano 3 Latvia 0, someone has written + Martin in green ink.

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Another Letter In The Times

I had a letter published in The Times on Tuesday about the cricket, under a title of Spin Bowling.

Sir, If the Daylight Saving Bill had been passed into law, the farce of the fifth Test at the Oval would have been avoided (Aug 26). The match would have been coming to a conclusion at effectively 6pm, when the light was certainly good enough, as events showed, for nearly an hour of play.

Those MPs who opposed the Bill should hang their head in shame.

On Monday, I did talk to someone, who’d been at the Test, that I’d met at Welling.  He said that the light at six, wasn’t perfect, but it was good enough to play cricket, as they in fact did.


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The Fracking Story Is Now Dead

We won’t get much on fracking for a few days, weeks and even months, as the papers have decided to dig up that old chesnut of a story designed to sell newspapers; who actually killed princess Diana. Even that royalist rag, the Independent has the story.

Still as her death didn’t happen in Sussex, the police of that county must be very relieved.

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