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The Milan Science Museum

This science museum, made ours in South Kensington seem particularly narrow in scope, very small and boring.

They also had no objections to the taking of pictures, providing you switched the flash off.

It was very busy with families and lots of kids.

One of the great things about a lot of Italian museums, is they seem to open early, unlike in some countries like Denmark.

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Voyager Has Boldly Gone

In the past week or so, the Voyager-1 space probe has left the solar system. The story is reported here on the BBC.

The probe is expected to still be transmitting data back to earth until possibly 2025.

Who said that 1960s technology wasn’t any good and thoroughly unreliable?

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Wheatstone Remembered

As I passed Kings College by the Aldwych yesterday, I passed this tribute to Charles Wheatstone.

Wheatstone Remembered

Wheatstone Remembered

He was one of the more unusual scientists this country has ever produced and was a true scientist and inventor.

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Happy Hundredth Birthday To Isotopes

I was having a cup of tea in a cafe, when the geologist I was talking to, said that isotopes, were first discovered a hundred years ago, and that there was a bit of a celebration.

I learned about isotopes in my physics many years ago, but now all that I seem to remember is that two isotopes of the same element, have the same numbers of electrons and protons, but differ in the number of neutrons. Carbon for example has three forms, Carbon 12, Carbon 13 and Carbon 14. The three forms all contain six protons and electrons, but 6, 7 and 8 neutrons respectively. If you ever have heard of the Carbon 14 dating of objects, there is an article here, which describes the process.

I used the different isotopes many years ago, in one of the first pieces of decent software I wrote.  I was trying to analyse the compounds in the output of a mass spectrometer. The samples contained lots of carbon compounds and I was told that the two common isotopes of Carbon 12 and Carbon 13, were in the ratio of ten to one, which meant that if you had a compound with several carbon atoms, you got a particular pattern. Experienced operators could identify the patterns.  So I worked out how to calculate the patterns and match them to the compounds.

So that is how I learned about one of the uses of isotopes in the analysis of compounds.

This was in 1969 and the mechanics of writing the program on a machine with only 4 Kb of memory, were much more difficult than the methods involved.

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A Blue Plaque In Stepney

I found this blue plaque as I walked back to the Overground from the river.

A Blue Plaque In Stepney

A Blue Plaque In Stepney

Sir William Henry Perkin, FRS 4 July 1907) was an English chemist best known for his discovery, at the age of 18, of the first aniline dye, mauveine. So it is not just today, when people create something amazing before their twentieth birthday! But how many today do such work, when they were born into relatively humble circumstances?

He was certainly one of the world’s greatest chemists.  He is even commemorated by the Americans with the Perkin Medal.

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More CERN Photos

There are more CERN photos uploaded here to Flickr by other visitors from our Liverpool University Alumni Relations group.

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CERN Humour

Research establishments are serious places, but it doesn’t mean they are humourless ones.

CERN Humour

CERN Humour

When I worked at ICI’s Research Establishment on Runcorn Heath, the big joke was signs using the newly discovered Dymo machine in mock German.

When I was at Liverpool University in the mid-1960s, the old cyclotron that James Chadwick had built pointed towards the mound on which the Catholic Cathedral has now been built. One wag told me, that they weren’t going to floodlight the cathedral, as it would glow in the dark.

I heard a similar remark on Saturday.

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Information Management: A Proposal

This T-shirt was worn by one of our guides to CERN.

Information Management: A Proposal

Information Management: A Proposal

When it was first proposed, it got this reaction from the author’s superior/supervisor.

The Response

The Response

So who proposed the idea and what is it now called?

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LHC Fabrication

These pictures show the plant, where the various sections of the LHC were assembled.

Although, the media portrays the LHC as a circle, it is in fact a series of straight sections.

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CMS – Control Room Or Bar?

I just had to enquire about the bottles amongst this array of computer screens.

Each of the empty bottles is now identified with the event, they celebrate.

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