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The Tall Ships Race 2014

I went with a friend to see the tall ships moored in London for the Tall Ships Race 2014.

We started at Canary Wharf, then moved on to Woolwich, before going to Greenwich.

To avoid the crush, we escaped under the river, using the Greenwich Foot Tunnel, before finally taking a look at the ships from the North Bank.

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The Gdansk Shipyard

You can’t avoid the shipyard in Gdansk, as the cranes are a massive presence over the city, which I had seen as I took the train in from Sodot. After walking the city centre, I took a tram to see the memorial at the shipyard to 42 or more workers killed in 1970.

Everybody should visit the birthplace of Solidarity and one of those iconic places that mark the start of the downfall of the First Soviet Empire. It might make us more wary about what is happening on Russia’s borders today.

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An Idea For Which Time Has Come

This article on the BBC’s web site talks about robot cargo ships.

A a control engineer, I can’t see any reason, why this will not be the norm in a few years time.

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The Vasa Museum

One of the reasons, I went to Stockholm was to see the Vasa.

I first heard about the ship in my teens, when it was raised from the floor of Stockholm Harbour. The techniques of raising the ship were also detailed in the Meccano Magazine.

It will be interesting to see how the Vasa compares with the Mary Rose.

I must have spent about three hours wandering around the museum and afterwards I felt a lot better, as the humidity in the museum was about 60% to keep the ship [preserved.

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It’s Mary Rose Next Week

Now that the Mary Rose museum has opened in Portsmouth, it has given me a suggestion about where to go next week.

As I’m also going to see the Vasa in Stockholm later next month, it will be an interesting comparison.

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The World At Greenwich

I took these pictures of the cruise ship; The World at Greenwich.

It would be good to see it go downriver from somewhere like Barrier Park.

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The World From The Emirates Air-Line

I had actually gone over the cable-car to see if I could get a good picture of the cruise liner; The World. This was the best I got.

The World From The Emirates Air-Line

The World From The Emirates Air-Line

It has been reported that Greenwich is going to get a new berth for cruise ships, which will be nearer to the cable-car.

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Now This Is What I Call A Tunnel!

This story from the BBC web site is more significant than you think. Here’s the introduction.

The Norwegian government has backed an ambitious plan to create the world’s first ship tunnel. But why has nobody tackled this engineering feat before?

At 45m high (148ft) and 36m (111ft) wide, the Stad Ship Tunnel will be the only one of its kind – a passage through solid rock able to accommodate 16,000 tonne freight and passenger ships.

Ship canals have long been used to make journeys more direct and safer but the Stad peninsula is a mountainous divide, peaking at 645m, between the Norwegian Sea to the north and the North Sea to the south.

it may or may not go ahead, but it does show how confident engineers and tunnellers are in their hole digging.

And that is the significance of the story!

Crossrail in London is being dug in soft ground, but it shows how by-passes can be created under London with relative ease.

We shall be seeing a lot more tunnels in the next few decades, as the technology is just getting better every year.

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Lady Moura

This super-yacht was docked in front of us.

Lady Moura

Lady Moura

It’s funny, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a yacht like this, owned by someone I respect.

Lady Moura is owned by Saudi businessman; Nasser Al-Rashid.

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The Maverick

This ship was docked in front of the Oriana in Casablanca.

For whatever reason, I don’t know, it was stuck in the port, so the captain of the Oriana sent some of our food to keep the crew of The Maverick going for another few days.

The Maverick

The Maverick

I would assume that the owners didn’t have the money for port fees or something.

Everybody thought it was right, that the Captain took the action he did.  But then it is a law of the sea to help fellow seafarers.

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