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She Blew The Bloody Door Off!

Echoing the classic Michael Caine line from The Italian Job, Margaret Goodwin has shown our intrepid boys how to do it, as reported in the Telegraph.

But she was only using rhubarb chutney!

As I write various would-be terrorists are experimenting with their mothers’ chutney recipes.  It has been reported that in some places, rhubarb is now in short supply!

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The Spirit Of London

This bus has been around in various guises, but whilst waiting for a 38 to come home, it passed the stop.

This report on the Stagecoach web site, gives details of its refurbishment after an arson attack.



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Mark Steel On The US Gun Lobby

I found this thoughtful article by Mark Steel in the Independent.

His logic may be faultless, but he comes to a series of hilarious conclusions. This paragraph is typical.

Or it could be that there’s a rule that the capture of a dangerous criminal is only a victory for America if the criminal can be portrayed as not American. Because if you’re going to go on a killing spree in America, you should at least have the decency to be American. There must be some people saying: “It’s a disgrace. These Chechen lunatics are coming over here taking our lunatics’ jobs.”

On the other hand most people, who’ve read what he says agree with him.

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The Bombers From Central Casting

You shouldn’t laugh at bombers, as what they aim to do could be serious. But this team from Birmingham, who have just been found guilty could be part of the plot of Four Lions.

They have given comedians enough ammunition to last for quite a few gigs.

I particularly liked the part, where they raised money from street collections and then lost it by speculating on the Internet in various financial products.

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Is David Cameron Satanic?

It has been reported that Anjem Choudary has called David Cameron satanic.

Quite frankly, David Cameron is one of the least satanic prime Ministers we’ve had.  I suppose though, he shares with John Major and Margaret Thatcher, no outspoken religious views, which must make him satanic to some.

Choudary was on BBC Radio 5 this morning and Phil Williams asked if he was on benefits. He refused to answer. Judging by the texts read out on the program,  Choudary doesn’t have much support.

Let’s hope it stays that way and we can file him and his movement in the same dustbin as those of the Far Right.

Surely though after another atrocity in Pakistan yesterday in the centuries-old feud between Sunni and Shia Muslims, Islam needs a few men of peace with vision. On the subject of the rivalry between the two parts of Islam, read this.

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Frank Gardner On Risk Profiling

Frank Gardner has written an article about  risk profiling software for the BBC web site. He writes it with respect to terrorism, but buried in the article is this piece.

He says South Korean Customs, which have bought the programme, report a 20% higher detection rate of illegal goods.

That is just good use of data mining software, to identify the source of illegality.

There are so many applications for this type of software, such as in healthcare, road safety, crime, product failures from televisions and vehicles to large projects, that generally all we will see is a much better lifestyle.

Only in a few areas will there be any cause for concern about human rights.

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Indians Execute Mumbai Gunman

The Indian authorities have executed the lone surviving gunman from the Mumbai attacks of November 2008. It’s reported here on the BBC.

I am against all forms of judicial killing, whether they be after a fit and proper trial in a Court of Law or not. So I will not condone what the Indians have done.

Remember that these attacks in Mumbai, were just after I visited the city and stayed at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in the city.  How many of the staff, that attended so well to my friend and myself died in the attack?

But even being that close to an attack, doesn’t make me change my view on the death penalty.

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Abu Qatada Is A Joke

The only people who take such as Abu Qatada seriously are the police and the government. And a very few of his supporters!

He should be treated as the silly joke he is and only mentioned in the media, when he turns up in Court on a serious charge.

The phone-in on BBC this morning, just gives his extremist views the oxygen of publicity.

The one positive thing we could do is allow intercept evidence to be used in all Court cases. My late wife felt it would have helped a lot in some of the more grizzly divorces she did.

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The German Jihadist

This cautionary tale is in the Daily Mail and a few other papers.

let’s hope his story deters others from joining.

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Terrorism Can’t Stop This Woman

Martine Wright lost her legs in the July 7th, 2005 terrorist bombings in London.  Since then she has got married and had a son.Today, she appeared in the British sitting volleyball team at the Paralympics.  The story is here in the Standard.

I wonder if her inspiring story will appear on NBC.

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