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A Patient Sub Editor Uses His Word

I wonder how many years one of the sub editors in The Times has waited to use the word murmuration!

But today it was used under a picture as the correct term for a flock of starlings. There’s a lot more here.

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What Did The Pope Say To Putin?

Obviously,no-one knows exactly, but The Sunday Times has a picture of their meeting, with an added speech bubble for the Pope saying.

So what’s it like, being infallible?

I hope Pope Francis gave Putin some sound advice!

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My Use Of The Word Lith

I grew up in my father’s print works, where words were the substance of the business. My generation also used to make up words much more than most seem to do today. For instance at school, we used to use the word plob for the little stopper in the end of a Bic pen.

On the Wikipedia entry for Legible London there is a section, that describes the elements of the system.

The existing primary Legible London on-street signs or information boards are the ‘Monolith’ ‘Midilith’ and ‘Minilith’ which are free standing signs made of a mixture of vitreous enamel and vinyl printed glass materials within a stainless steel frame. 

So I just shortened the whole of that to liths, as a convenient collective term for all of them. It also means, that I don’t have to state what type of lith it is.

I shall do what my father would have done over questions of words and contact the OED.

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Mind The Gap – Italian Style

They also use London Underground’s catch-phrase in Milan.

Mind The Gap - Italian Style

Mind The Gap – Italian Style

In fact, you also see direction signs to the Underground in Milan. I suppose that both Metro and Underground are understandable to most visitors. The Germans tend to fit too, as they use U-bahn.

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Bridget Jones Becomes A Wrinkled Widow

Several newspapers, like the Glasgow Herald here, are reporting that in the latest Bridget Jones Diary, the heroine has become a widow. The Herald’s headline is something that I know a lot of widows will disagree with.

Meet Bridget Jones at 51: a wrinkled widow who becomes a Twitter cougar

I’ve met quite a few widows and widowers older than than 51,who can’t be described as the least bit wrinkled. In fact, I have to go a good bit past 51 to know any that are the least bit wrinkled.

I may be 66, but I don’t think I’m also too wrinkled. If anybody would like to check, I’ll buy the coffee.

I think the Herald, just played the alliteration card to get a catchy headline.

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Two Quotes From The Times

These two quotes were in The Times yesterday.

Billy Jean King – “pressure is a privilege”

Joely Richardson – “if you want to achieve anything in life, you need guts.”

I like them!

Joely Richardson also followed up her quote with a statement that not enough people have them.

I’ll agree with that too!

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A Quote From Stephen Hawking

This quote from Stephen Hawking was in the interview he gave to The Times, which was published on Saturday.

I’m happiest when I discover something new that no one knew before. It gives a thrill nothing can match.

From my own experience, he’s got it spot on!

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Mind The Gap – Norwegian Style

As I got into the Metro train to go away from the stop at the Munch Museum, I thought I heard the familiar phrase from the London Underground – Mind the Gap.

There was this picture on the train window.

Mind The Gap - Norwegian Style

Mind The Gap – Norwegian Style

However, when I took the Airport Express it was more obvious.

MInd The Gap On Airport Express

MInd The Gap On Airport Express

This article from Wikipedia explains the worldwide use of the phrase, but Oslo doesn’t get a mention.

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Is This A Legitimate Use Of The Word Cripple?

Cripple is a word that was very common when I was growing up. But it is now one of those words that gets exchanged these days for something more politically correct.

On reading the latest Modern Railways, they talked about a cripple siding at Ipswich. Searching the Internet for the term found this article on the history of railway sidings. It says this about cripple sidings.

The first justification for a siding today is as a “cripple siding”. Basically if a train cannot move at normal speed under its own power, the controller will be desperate to get it off the running lines as soon as possible so that the service can continue. In effect, this is the railway operational equivalent of “any port in a storm”.

The article goes on to give two examples of such a siding in the London Underground.



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At Least There’s No Football Team Like Chastity Bumgardner

It is reported that Charlotte Green is to be the new voice of the football results on BBC Radio 5 Live.

let’s hope that she doesn’t fall into her other persona, where she is described in the Independent as the queen of corpsing. Here’s an extract.

Green almost lost it in 2000 during a story about a woman called Chastity Bumgardner. She had proved less resilient in 1997, however, when an item about the chief of Papua New Guinea’s armed forces, Major General Jack Tuat, led into a story about a sperm whale.

I suppose she might corpse if she got the classic East Fife 4 – Forfar 5, which can happen this year as they are both in Scottish Division One. The dates to note are the September 14 and January 25.

If you don’t believe anybody is called Chastity Bumgardner, just type it into Google and the true story is not funny at all.

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