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Kiera Knightley’s Waist

There has been a lot of talk in the paper’s lately about Keira Knightley and her waist.  There’s an article here in the Telegraph.

In the Times today, they say it is twenty-three inches and that between 1951 and today, womens’ waists have risen on average from 27½ to 34 inches.

My waist at 30 inches, is only an inch or so bigger than when I left University and C’s waist was never much more than twenty-four.  Although, I suspect that when we got married it was naturally about twenty-two.

If the claims that Kiera’s waist was natural in the photos is true, I can believe it, as some of us are naturally very slim.  I do wonder if some of those tiny Victorian corseted waists, were on women, who perhaps naturally were in their low twenties and were just enhancing, what their genes had given them!

My only problem with being this slim, is that I do sometimes find it difficult to buy clothes. On the other hand, I don’t think that there are any health problems about being built like the Aldgate Sphinx.

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What Is It With Zips And Me?

Last year, I bought an expensive waterproof jacket in red and the zip broke after about six months.

It also broke in my North Face padded jacket, which I got my laundry to replace. They replaced it with a single action zip, but as a man I prefer one with a double action.

Today, I went to Bury St. Edmunds to have lunch with a friend and the zip on my Regatta jacket got stuck and broke this morning.

I think it must be my gammy hand, which because it doesn’t pull straight, tends to get the seam stuck in the zip.

At least I haven’t broken a zip in my trousers.

But three in a year, seems rather a lot. Especially as none of these jackets had a pocket layout that I truly liked.

So I went to Bury St. Edmunds in my favourite Gieves and Hawkes jacket, which is twenty years old. But it’s still immaculate!

Where can I get a waterproof jacket of that quality? If I want a double zip and large pockets, I doubt there is anywhere! I don’t need it to be warm, as it’s only for going out in the rain and I can always put a fleece underneath.

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What Not To Wear In The Korean Demilitarised Zone

Ian Mcmillan, the Barnsley Poet, is usually entertaining. Today, on BBC Breakfast, he talked about his visit to the Korean Demilitarised Zone.

For his visit, he was told, he mustn’t wear tight trousers or a low top! The second may make it easier for a sniper to get a heart shot!

But why the first?

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Ten Reasons I Don’t Like Eastfield

I went to Waitrose in Eastfield this evening, to get some bits and pieces for my supper.

1. The Waitrose there is not for me, as some of the staples I like, like Genius bread never seem to be in stock.  I also found out tonight, that it doesn’t have all the small packs of microwaveable vegetables I use.

2. The Marks and Spencer isn’t a patch on the ones in Oxford Street or Finsbury Pavement for food.  It doesn’t even stock gluten-free sandwiches, which is rare in a their larger stores.

3. Clothes at Marks and Spencer are probably the normal standard, but unless you get in early in the season, small sizes can be difficult to find.

4. Although, I don’t use it often these days, the Starbucks at Eastfield doesn’t use proper china cups.

5. I went into John Lewis today and it really is a bit small and inferior when compared to the flagship store in Oxford Street.

6. Waitrose and John Lewis are a long way from the main Stratford station.

7. With the exception of Marks and Spencer, I’ve bought no clothing in any of the shops there, as they seem to be almost exclusively aimed at women. The few shops that sell men’s clothes are ones  I wouldn’t visit.

8. The only restaurant that I know serves gluten-free food is Jamie’s Italian. Why can’t it have a Carluccio’s like Westfield?

9. As I’m very much a guerilla shopper, who comes, buys what he wants and retreats immediately, the centre is usually too crowded for my liking.

10. In some ways my major gripe is that, if say you want to go anywhere from the main Stratford station, you have to walk through the shopping centre. I always go shopping, when I want to, not when I end up in a shopping centre by accident.

You may think that this has all been very negative.

But I do like the toilets, the only Lakeland near me and the large numbers of cash points.

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Men And Washing Machines

There’s an interesting survey about male clothes washing habits going the rounds and it reported in the Daily Mail.

I won’t disagree with the findings, but I always find the instructions on most domestics appliances unfathomable, unless you get out the instruction manual. And of course, you always forget where you have put them.

Most appliances have far more features than you’ll ever use, whereas if I ever designed anything, one of the aims would be to take someone with the intelligence of say a ten-year-old and expect them to work it without instructions, after a brief chat with someone, who understood how it worked.

My washer-dryer is pretty simple, except that the buttons are difficult with my hands and tend to have mind of their own.  But it has got many features, I’ve never used. i also fairly unique in that my mother taught me how to wash clothes by hand.

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John Stephen Remembered

This plaque in memory of John Stephen was at the Southern end of Carnaby Street.

John Stephen Remembered

John Stephen Remembered

I csan remember some of his fashions from the 1960s, although I never bought anything.

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Is There A Cardigan Gene?

My father liked to wear cardigans and so does my son.  So is this in our genes?

I obviously don’t have that particular gene, as I’ve never worn a cardigan.

On the other hand, C had lots of them!

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I Get Turned Down For A Turn Up

I was talking to a friend, when she said that she had a dress that needed shortening.  She was also rather worried about getting the length right.

I suggested that she come round later in the week, and I pin it for her, as it is one of my skills, even if I haven’t used it in some years.  She could even take it to my dry cleaners down the road, where the owner’s mother does a good job, if the repairs she’s done for me are any guide.

It would have been a convenient time for me, as the table is still fairly clear.

The table is very stable and it must be countless times, that I’ve got C to stand there, whilst I got the length of one of her dresses just right. I used to sew them up for her, but for perhaps the last five years of her life, she got someone in Cambridge market to do the cutting and sewing.

At least in that case, it wasn’t my fault, if she didn’t like the new length of the dress.

Getting the length of a dress on a lady absolutely right, is very difficult. C’s problem, was that she had a very small waist for her height and it was very easy to get the proportions wrong, so in the end I usually relied on good old golden section.

In the end, my friend decided to take the dress to a dressmaker of whom she knew. Sometimes, it’s good not to be wanted, as if I’d got it wrong, I’d have been deep in it.

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Polycell Launch Underpants For Builders

This was reported in The Sunday Times.

Builders have long used Polycell to cover up unsightly cracks, so it was only a matter of time before the company launched its own underwear range. PolyPants have a high waistband to avoid revealing “builder’s bottom”.

A cartoonist friend, will have to redraw one of his best cartoons.

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Bikinis On The Buses

H & M seemed to have moved their adverts this year from bus shelters to the buses themselves.

Bikinis On The Buses

Bikinis On The Buses

I suppose, it’s more difficult to spray out adverts on the sides of buses.  Last year a lot of their adverts were defaced.

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