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A Brass Band At Spitalfields

It’s good to have read music and this brass band were in Spitalfields.

It reminds me of the time a few years ago, when Ipswich played in Luxembourg and fans were playing musical chairs with a brass band in the main square. Hilarious!

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A Different Class Of Footballer

Every few years or so, a footballer breaks through, who is at a totally different level to all his peers, both on the field and off.

In my sixty years of watching football, both live or on the television, I’ve seen just a few players like this; Franz Beckenbauer, Danny Blanchflower, Bobby Charlton, Johann Cruyf, Emlyn Hughes, Kevin Keegan and Jurgen Klinsmann. In a few years time some others like David Beckham, Lucas Radebe and Sol Campbell might be added to this list.

Of the players I’ve named, some like Beckham and Keegan would never be in the same class as the others, but they both possess an intelligence that enables them to make best use of what they’ve got.

Tyrone Mings is an unusual footballer, in that after being discarded by Southampton, he got a football scholarship at Millfield School. Here’s the first two paragraphs from the report in the Wiltshire Gazette and Herald.

Tyrone Mings, son of Bluebirds boss Adie Mings, has begun a football scholarship at the prestigious Millfield School and is still dreaming of becoming a professional player.

The former Sheldon School pupil, 16, had been on the books at Southampton FC but was released the financially-troubled club in December after their youth budget was slashed.

Then by way of unfashionable clubs like Yate Town and Chippenham Town, he got transferred to Ipswich for the sum of £10,000, to realise his dream.

So just like Beckham and Keegan, he probably has this will to get to the top.

On the BBC web site today, Mick McCarthy talks about a possible bid for Mings from Arsenal. The article says this.

Ipswich Town manager Mick McCarthy has said he is pleased that Arsenal are keeping tabs on defender Tyrone Mings.

It then goes on to say this under a heading of The Generosity Of Mings.

1. In March 2013, Mings provided two tickets to a supporter who had said on Twitter that he was too “skint” to go to a game.

2. Last year he spent part of Christmas Day feeding homeless people. “We spent a couple of hours helping to prepare the food and talking to the people there.”

3. After his squad number changed from 15 to three in the summer, he arranged for two fans with the old number to receive new shirts.

So he’s certainly got the intelligence and character, so let’s hope he doesn’t waste it.

But has he got the football skills? He reminds me in a way of Cyril Knowles, who I saw many times playing for Spurs in the 1960s and 1970s. He’s also certainly got speed to rival most players and the instinct of turning up in the opponent’s penalty area like Liverpool favourite Chris Lawler. Only in a couple of years time, will we know how good Mings really is.

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Match Fourteen – Ipswich 2 – Huddersfield 2

Ipswich carried on here just like they did against Blackburn and Cardiff.

As we did in those two matches, we threw away a good start and were in some ways lucky to get a point.

There were two plus points to the match though. It was played in glorious sunshine for a lot of the time.

Portman Road In The October Sun

Portman Road In The October Sun

And there was two black managers on the benches.

Chris Powell, Mick McCarthy and Terry Connor

Chris Powell, Mick McCarthy and Terry Connor

I saw Mick McCarthy greet his old friend and member of the hard-done Managers Club, Chris Powell, extremely warmly.

Those who don’t want to give black managers a chance or at least an interview are dinosaurs.


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Match Thirteen – Cardiff 3 – Ipswich 1

This was very much the case of the unlucky thirteen.

Cardiff 3 - Ipswich 1

Cardiff 3 – Ipswich 1

We played well to get a first goal and then probably threw it away.

Mick McCarthy wasn’t pleased.

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Match Twelve – Ipswich 1 – Blackburn 1

This was very much two points lost, rather than a point won.

I think it illustrates how important Daryl Murphy is to the team, as he was injured today.

But it has been a lot worse in recent seasons at this time of the year!

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Match Two : Reading 1 – Ipswich 0

After the Fulham match this was a disappointment in many ways.

But the visit to Reading started well with this greeting from the structural steelwork of the station.

Steelwork At Reading Station

Steelwork At Reading Station

I had wanted to have a delicious egg and watercress sandwich from Marks and Spencer, but their stores in both Paddington and Reading stations were gluten-free free zones. Or at least as sandwiches were concerned!

The Police on duty at the station didn’t know where to get the buses to the Madejsky stadium, so in the end I guessed.  And luckily right! The Police did say they weren’t from Reading, but surely they should be briefed on basic questions.

When I got to the stadium, I was at least met by these bikes.

Ready Bikes

Ready Bikes

The name of Ready Bike is certainly memorable and there’s more here.

In the stadium I was treated to the worst cup of hot chocolate I’ve ever had.

A Very Bad Cup Of Hot Chocolate

A Very Bad Cup Of Hot Chocolate

I have the same drink at Ipswich and they make sure it’s all mixed up. They are obviously berks in Berkshire, when it comes to making hot chocolate.

They also expected me to climb to the top of the back of the stand.

Wot No Handrails!

Wot No Handrails!

Surely there should be some form of handrail! I did climb up and down without any trouble.

Throughout the match we had to put up with the worse public address system,I’ve not heard in a long time. They also weren’t putting up things like substitutions on the big screen.

The match was the final disappointment in that Ipswich lost to a single goal scored after a bad mistake by David McGoldrick.

Let’s hope it’s all a lot better on Tuesday in Birmingham.

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Match One: Ipswich 2 – Fulham 1

It was a result, I hadn’t expected as I walked to Portman Road from Ipswich Station.

Ipswich Town is one of the better placed grounds with respect to transport and also access to the town centre. There are also maps, but as you can see the stadium from the train station, you don’t need to consult them.

The only problem I had, was that the club had run out of programmes.

The club must have been pleased with the result and also with the size of the crowd considering, the match was on Sky. It’ll be interesting to see, if the performance has any effect on the gates at home matches after the next, which is Norwich, so it will be a full crowd.

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Ipswich Town Blue

On the BBC Radio 5 commentary for the Open, someone has just said, that Rory McIlroy is wearing trousers in Ipswich Town blue.

I didn’t think that Ipswich Town’s blue was that unique.

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I Missed The Final Match Of The Season

I have been away all week and at no time did I check the time of the last Ipswich match of the season. After all Saturday matches start at 15:00 don’t they?

I knew that all matches were starting at the same time, but thinking about it, I don’t think I’ve been to a last match of the season in recent years.

Then last night I got in about ten to a house empty of food and went straight to bed and slept all night.

This morning, I watched the television spasmodically, whilst I did my holiday washing and had a bath. About nine, I went to the Angel to do my shopping and then had breakfast in Carluccio’s.  I didn’t even buy a paper until I left to go to the match. I suppose it didn’t help that no London club, was involved in promotion or relegation from the Championship.

I had intended to do a couple of things before I took my usual 13:00 train, but because the Overground was closed, I got to Liverpool Street station early enough to get the 11:30 train, which would have meant only missing a bit of the match. So I went and had a cup of tea and came back for the 13:00 train.

Only when I was sitting in the train, did I switch my phone on and then I got a couple of texts with the teams.

As I walked back through the barriers at Liverpool Street, there was another fan, who hadn’t heard about the match time either.

I know it is all my fault, but I suspect, I’m not the only fan who lived away from his team, who missed this last match of the season.

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Burnley To Liverpool Airport On A Sunday

To get to Liverpool Airport from Burnley on a Sunday wasn’t easy.

I first got a train to Preston where I got a train to Ormskirk. There was this unusual end-to-end interchange between one of Northern Rail’s Class 153 scrapyard specials and one of Merseyrail’s smart Class 508s.

Changing Trains At Ormskirk

Changing Trains At Ormskirk

Merseyrail has been pushing to electrify all the way from Liverpool to Preston, which would remove this change of train. Wikipedia says this.

Electrification from Ormskirk to Preston has been considered in conjunction with the Burscough Curves reopening. It would re-establish the most direct Liverpool-Preston route and is one of Merseytravel’s long-term aspirations.

This whole corner of Lancashire seems either to be sprouting wires or growing third rails. Many of which lead to Liverpool or Manchester.

Once in Liverpool, I alighted at Moorfields station and walked a hundred yards or so to Carluccio’s, where I had a supper to prepare me for the journey.

I did search for a bus to Liverpool Airport, but even at the main bus station, there was no information or anybody to ask.

When will these people learn, that one of the way to get people to use buses is to provide information everywhere as London does.

So I reluctantly took a taxi!


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