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I’ve Now Got Handrails On My Staircase

The handrails are now fitted on my staircase.

They were made and fitted by Handrail Systems from Sheffield.  I did think about brass, but in the end I settled for more affordable powder-coated steel.

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A Typical Annoying Problem Of Living Alone

I want to fit a grab rail in my bathroom and these pictures show the position and the rail.

I want to put it at an angle so that I can pull myself upright safely to get out of the bath.

The first problem is positioning it in the right place. The easiest way is to lie in the empty bath whilst someone else holds it tightly to the wall.

The second problem is that the tiles are very hard to drill, so I intend to use a strong epoxy to glue the grab rail to the wall.

Mixing the epoxy and getting it in the right position is definitely a job for at least three hands.

Perhaps we need a Rent-A-Hand Agency, where someone can help you out on a barter or mutual basis.

Where is my late wife, when you desperately need her?

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Always Have A Flat Piece Of Oak Handy

I don’t have access to short lengths of greenheart cutting sticks from his state-of-the-art, made-in-Glasgow Grieg guillotine that my father used to use as padding to stop a hammer damaging softer woods.

Always Have A Flat Piece Of Oak Handy

Always Have A Flat Piece Of Oak Handy


So I just used a nice piece of oak! I could always go to B & Q and buy a rubber hammer.

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Would Anybody Like This Pre-Loved Expedit Storage Unit?

Because IKEA has changed from Expedit to a new form called Kallax.

I use a lot in my house, as it means I can use the same inserts everywhere.

This 4 x 2 in brown-black is a bit tatty, but with a bit of glue and perhaps some other work, it would be ideal for a lot of places.

I live in the Dalston area close to the Islington border, so if anybody would like it, let me know. I may have some others in the future, as some will have to be replaced to fit with the new style.

Doesn’t it get annoying that IKEA have discontinued the old design. Hence the reason for the Bad Design tag.

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Do Builders Ever Finish Jobs?

Just look at these pictures from my house.

I’ll accept the lack of mirror in the bathroom as my fault, but the others are just bad workmanship. Anyway I have a better idea for a mirror!

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How Where I Live Now Looked In 1949

This is an image of Dalston from Britain from Above taken in 1949.

Dalston In 1949

Dalston In 1949

This is the same area today from Google Earth.

Dalston In 2014

Dalston In 2014

In the Google Earth image, the Overground lines are marked in orange and Dalston Junction station is marked by a red arrow.

In the aerial image the following can be clearly seen.

1. The platforms at the old Dalston Junction station in the bottom right hand corner.

2. The A10 road stretching away to the North.

3. The Balls Pond Road stretching towards Highbury Corner.

I can pick out more, but then I live in a house that was built ten years ago and is or would be in the bottom left hand corners of both images.

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Farewell To An Old Friend

I’ve finally given up on trying to shut up my thirty-year-old Workmate. What my builders had used it for to bend, I know not!

So I put it outside the house with an appropriate note.

I suppose the fact that it got bent was because I broke rule one of dealing with builders. I didn’t lock all my stuff up in a safe place.

At least now, I’ve taken the decision to only have a builder in my house, when the project is defined down to the last nail.

It’s not surprising news to me, that we have a shortage of habitable houses and apartments in this country. Many builders couldn’t put a up a shelf on budget and to an agreed time-scale.

What is the collective noun for builders?

I would put forward a never-on-time-or-budget of builders.


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Where Did That Go?

Jerry had put up this awful piece of granite as a splash back in the living room.

Jerry's Bad Plastering

Jerry’s Bad Plastering

Perhaps he put it up, as he had a spare one and it would cover up his dreadful plasterwork. I sometimes wonder if Jerry’s surname was Boughton.

Before I went away, two guys took it off and down the stairs, leaving it on my patio by the street.

I then put a stick note on it, saying that anybody who wanted it could take it.

And take it they did!

I wonder how many hernia they got lifting it into the back of their car?

It really was a case of good riddance to bad rubbish!

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It Must Be Warm, As I’ve Put My Electric Blanket Away

I’ve taken my electric blanket off the bed, as I have found I’ve not used it for some months.

The bed ceretainly feels more comfortable and the only new problem I’ve got is that I can’t fold it up to put it away.


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A Project Management Led Approach To A New Kitchen

I said in this post which I called Reflections on Surviving Another Year, that 2015 will be the Year of the Kitchen.

I should say that I’ve only once done any real project management, but I did spent much of a working life reasonably successfully providing software solutions for project managers to use.

So let’s look at my kitchen today.

It’s a bit of a mess, but I know where everything is.

The problems are in addition to those highlighted in the pictures..

1. There is not enough space to put everything.

2. Where is my frying pan? It’s actually in one of the cupboards.

3. There are not enough electrical sockets.

4. The light is terrible.

5. I have only one sink with cheap and nasty taps.

6. The cooker hood is broken.

7. I don’t use the dishwasher, but it doesn’t work well.

8. My style of cooking uses a lot of spices and they get everywhere.

9. There is no freezer in the kitchen

I can also lay down a set of objectives about the design and installation of the new kitchen.

1. It must be capable of accepting a new AGA City60, after completion, if I should so desire. As all this requires is a flat floor, a 600 mm. wide space and a 32 amp connection, I could buy and fit one tomorrow.

2. Everything must use standard size cabinets.

3. There needs to be a button I can press, that activates a force field to chase unwanted visitors out.

4. I’m not without a sink, cooker or work surface for food preparation for more than a few days.

5. It would be nice if the freezer problem could be fixed early.

These inevitable lead to a series of work modules.

1. The area in the living room, where I would effectively create a workshop extension on the other side of the hole in the wall. This section would have a small under counter freezer, a set of drawers and some storage space. It would also cover up the central heating manifold.

2. The upper part of the wall behind the cooker, where I would replace the broken cooker hood and the two wall cabinets. A subsidiary objective here, would be to create more space to keep things out of the way of future modules.

3. The wall containing the sink by the window.

4. The side of the kitchen facing the living room.

5. The worktops and what I do to join the two halves of the back-to-back in-the-hole shared worktop. I have a very different idea for this.

The whole sequence might change, but if I do Module 1 first, it does tidy up the living room and allow me to finish it, get me a freezer and more space in the kitchen. I also don’t lose the cooker or the sink.

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