The Anonymous Widower

Should UKIP Supporters Be Called Kippers?

Matt Ridley has an opinion in The Times entitled Spare me the selfishness of the eco-toffs. It is well worth reading, He says this at one point after looking at the profiles of green and UKIP supporters.

In Downton Abbey terms, Greens are a lady upstairs in the dining room; kippers are a footman downstairs in the servants’ hall.

Does this mean you have to be kippered to vote for UKIP?

Whatever it is, it’s a good choice of a word.

It should help Farage with his choice of neckware!

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Why Are Polling Stations Called Polling Places In Scotland?

As I watch the BBC News, I have noticed that polling stations, seem to be called polling places in Scotland.

It’s just like with what you call bus stands!

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Child Wins European 400m Hurdles Gold

This headline appears on the BBC web site. Surely a child would find it difficult to jump the hurdles.

But of course the article refers to the Scottish athlete, Eilidh Child.

Headline writers should be more careful.

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Stance Or Stand?

I was surprised at the use of stance for where I would use stand at Buchanan Street bus station.

Stance Or Stand?

Stance Or Stand?

I’ve always felt that signs like these need an International or European standard.

London rarely makes any difference between an ordinary bus stop or a stand, where they wait before perhaps returning along the route. Londoners probably call every one a bus stop, but then they’ve had the same sign all my life.

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Crass Commentary From ITV

When France scored their third goal against Switzerland, the ITV commentator said this.

Not for the first time, there really is a mountain between France and Switzerland.

That really is one of the most crass statements heard in a football commentary.

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A Letter In The Times On Widowhood

On Friday in The Times, I had a letter published entitled The Widowed.

Sir, As a widower (letter, May 20), I feel that modern life may be making the word redundant.
Widowhood is no respecter of gender or sexual orientation, and all widowed are in the same possibly dark and unhappy place; so should we not just use the female form of the word?

After all lots of other words like actor, doctor and other professions are becoming applicable to all.

I wonder if there’s a language, where widower and widow are the same.

On a brief look using Google Translate, it would appear that in Finnish, Turkish and Welsh, the word is the same for both sexes.


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Mary Whitehouse Would Have Been Pleased

According to this story, Russian media and the arts will become a swearword free zone.

Putin really is trying to put the toothpaste back in the tube and go back to a state where thoughts and dissent in any form is illegal.

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A Patient Sub Editor Uses His Word

I wonder how many years one of the sub editors in The Times has waited to use the word murmuration!

But today it was used under a picture as the correct term for a flock of starlings. There’s a lot more here.

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What Did The Pope Say To Putin?

Obviously,no-one knows exactly, but The Sunday Times has a picture of their meeting, with an added speech bubble for the Pope saying.

So what’s it like, being infallible?

I hope Pope Francis gave Putin some sound advice!

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My Use Of The Word Lith

I grew up in my father’s print works, where words were the substance of the business. My generation also used to make up words much more than most seem to do today. For instance at school, we used to use the word plob for the little stopper in the end of a Bic pen.

On the Wikipedia entry for Legible London there is a section, that describes the elements of the system.

The existing primary Legible London on-street signs or information boards are the ‘Monolith’ ‘Midilith’ and ‘Minilith’ which are free standing signs made of a mixture of vitreous enamel and vinyl printed glass materials within a stainless steel frame. 

So I just shortened the whole of that to liths, as a convenient collective term for all of them. It also means, that I don’t have to state what type of lith it is.

I shall do what my father would have done over questions of words and contact the OED.

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